Miss Mouse Throwback Thursdays

It’s Throwback Thursday at 2 Miss Mouses and you know what that means- embarrassing Disney moments from our past. We blame this shot on the 80’s, the 1880’s that is. Our dad says we took it somewhere on Main Street and they told us not to smile, but apparently no one told baby Hayley.


Trip Report: May 2013 (Part 1)

So we just got back from 4 fun-filled days at the park and can’t wait to share our trip report with you. The first weekend in May may rank as one of our favorite times of the year to visit Disneyland because of the flowers, the weather, and the surprising lack of crowds.

Springtime at the Hub by 2 Miss Mouses

We arrived on Thursday in the late afternoon after a crazy long trip down 101 (it took us 9 hours!) The first thing we did was take a walk down Main Street U.S.A. & stop by Coke Corner. Not only is it a great place to stop, get a drink and watch the crowd go by, but there’s also ragtime piano music played live throughout the day.

Ragtime at Coke Corner by 2 Miss Mouses

Next stop, our first visit to Fantasy Faire. We’re not going to lie. We still miss good ol’ Carnation Plaza (p.s. Disney Resort folks: please, please, please bring back swing dancing on Saturday nights).

Fantasy Faire by 2 Miss Mouses

But even though we prefer Carnation Plaza, we have to admit that Fantasy Faire is really well-themed and anything that brings more Tangled into the park is a good thing. Enter Pascal!

Pascal & Friend by 2 Miss Mouses

Next we grabbed a fast pass for Indiana Jones.

Indiana Fast Pass by 2 Miss Mouses

Then took a ride on the Disneyland RR while we waited for our fastpass to come due 🙂

Mickey's Toontown Train Depot

Disneyland Railroad Triple-Selfie

Ride on Disneyland Railroad by 2 Miss Mouses

After Indiana Jones, we went to one of our favorite restaurants in the park- Rancho del Zocalo. The food may not anything fancy, but the ambiance definitely is!

Rancho del Zocalo by 2 Miss Mouses

We tried the Tres Leches cake for the first time and what can we say? We ARE big fans and even had to go ask for the recipe…hint hint…nudge…nudge…there maybe a recipe post coming your way shortly…Tres Leches Cake @ Rancho del Zocalo by 2 Miss Mouses

A sweet start to a perfect Disneyland trip. We’ll be posting more updates about our trip very soon, so keep checking back 🙂