Miss Mouse Throwback Thursdays

It’s Throwback Thursday at 2 Miss Mouses and you know what that means- embarrassing Disney moments from our past. We blame this shot on the 80’s, the 1880’s that is. Our dad says we took it somewhere on Main Street and they told us not to smile, but apparently no one told baby Hayley.


Vintage Disney: Prom Night, 1961

Picture it: Disneyland, 1961, prom night. This next post combines so much vintage fabulousness that we can hardly contain ourselves. We spotted several of these shots at one of our favorite fashion blogs The Clothes Horse and we just couldn’t resist sharing them with you. In 1961, LIFE magazine followed one incredibly lucky graduating class as they spent their prom night at Disneyland. Photographer Ralph Crane captured these stunning images. Which just goes to show, the hairstyles may change, but Disneyland never goes out of style.

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneSwoon!

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneTeenagers will always be teenagers

Riding in the Monkey Cage on Casey Jr. photo by Ralph CraneThis couple is just plain fabulous

Disneyland Prom 1961 photo by Ralph CraneThe teacups in their original location-

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneDancing by the Rivers of America

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneWe don’t know about you, but somebody get us a time machine!

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneIf you’d like to view more images from this magical evening (and seriously, why wouldn’t you?) just check out this Buzz Feed article with the full spread of photos.

Vintage Disney: It IS a Small World After All…

Did you know that when It’s a Small World opened at Disneyland on May 28th,1966, Walt Disney invited children from all over the world to be present? Each of the children he invited brought a small container of water from their country. Before the ride opened, the children poured the water into the attraction’s flume. Which goes to show, it is a small world after all.

It's a Small World Opening Day via 2 Miss Mouses

via nabeco-pod.tumblr.com