Trip Report: October 2013

Halloween Time @ Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

As many of you already know, we are big fans of visiting Disneyland during October and this year was no exception. It’s become an annual tradition for us to celebrate our mom’s birthday at the park & this October we really wanted to go all out because it was her 60th! Warning this post will contain  a ridiculous number of pumpkins…

Disneyland Crystal Arcade at Halloween by 2 Miss Mouses

We love walking down Main Street and seeing all the pumpkins that line the buildings. Our favorite was this “Elvis” a top the Music Company.

Elvis Pumpkin on Main Street by 2 Miss Mouses

Don’t you love the music that plays on Main Street? When we heard “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City,” we almost (ok we totally) started skipping.

Walking on Main Street by 2 Miss Mouses

The only downside to visiting in October is that there does tend to be a lot of construction. This trip the Carousel, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Teacups were all shut down 😦 But, you you have to give Disney props- even their tarps are themed.

Main Street Disneyland U.S.A. by 2 Miss Mouses

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

Pumpkins & Walt & Mickey by 2 Miss Mouses

Being ridiculous outside the Golden Horseshoe…hey, when in Disneyland!

Golden Horseshoe by 2 Miss Mouses

Can you believe this is the 13th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion Holiday? They’ve made some new changes to the opening…we were dying to check them out.

Haunted Mansion Holiday by 2 Miss Mouses

Welcome to autumn in Frontierland!

Halloween Time in Frontierland by 2 Miss Mouses

The park was pretty packed, so we went on our short line standard The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. You just can’t argue with a 2 minute wait.

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

There was a beautiful Dia de los Muertes display in front of Rancho del Zocalo.

Dia de los Muertos at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

Then off to It’s a Small World!

2 Miss Mouses Plus Mom by 2 Miss Mouses

And then a quick stop by Toon Town…

Gag Factory Toon Town by 2 Miss Mouses

Toon Town Postal Service by 2 Miss Mouses

Before eating dinner at Plaza Inn on Main Street we stopped by the Mad Hatter and picked Mom up her birthday badge. Tip: You can always pick up pins at Town Hall on Main Street, but you can also ask for pins at numerous shops throughout the park.

Grab a Birthday Pin by 2 Miss Mouses

We were so excited to get to see not just one fireworks show this trip, but two. This night it was “Remember, Dreams Come True” (our personal favorite)- cue the Julie Andrews intro 🙂

Remember, Dreams Come True by 2 Miss Mouses

The next morning, we tried to make an early start of it, but some of us (ahem, Hayley) decided to sleep in, so we ended up getting fast passes for Radiator Spring Racers. Tip: this attraction tends to “sell out” on fast passes…well, fast. But if you can grab one, it’s a huge time saver or if you don’t mind riding separately, you can always try the single rider line.

Radiator Springs Racers Fast Pass by 2 Miss Mouses

Continuing our short wait time attraction theme, can we talk about Ariel’s Undersea Adventure? We weren’t sold on this attraction when it opened, but it’s near constant 5-minute wait time makes the heart grow fonder. To use some of our old SAT analogy prep work: Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’s is to Disneyland what Ariel’s Undersea Adventure is to Disney California Adventure

Under the Sea at Disney California by 2 Miss Mouses

Then we went to the Disney Animation Academy to learn how to draw Piglet. Hayley’s turned out the best…typical 🙂

Disney Animation Academy by 2 Miss Mouses

As we mentioned in a previous post, we ate at Big Thunder Ranch for the first time and not only was it “all-you-care-to-eat,” it was also delicious! Plus, they went all out for the Halloween season. Check out the pumpkin masks of tragedy and comedy that were above the performance stage.

Tragedy Comedy Pumpkins by 2 Miss Mouses

Frontierland also had a pumpkin carving area where the masterful pumpkin carvers show off their artistry.

Pumpkin Carving at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

We told you there would be pumpkins…and that includes “Sassy Saloon Pumpkin.”

Pumpkin Lady by 2 Miss Mouses

After lunch, we ran back over to DCA to use our Radiator Spring Racers fast passes, but on the way we decided to try Luigi’s Flying Tires for the first time.


This ride is bizarre and hysterical. You basically float around on a giant tire. Mom had trouble controlling hers.


Radiator Springs Racers!


After the ride, Mom was complaining about how her hair was going everywhere. Yeah, Mom, your perfect blonde chignon is out of control…


Monday night meant Mickey’s Halloween Party!!! We made a quick stop back at the hotel to get into our costumes.


Here we are! The three good fairies- Flora, Fauna, & Merryweather about to go on Indiana Jones.


The party was amazing! We loved it all: the candy, the Cadaver Dans, the costumes. But, one of the biggest highlights had to be the special Halloween fireworks show- “Halloween Screams”…even Sleeping Beauty’s Castle got in on the Halloween spirit.


So, that’s our October 2013 trip! It was filled with fairy wings, bbq & a very special birthday. We can hardly wait for next year. Happy Halloween Time everybody!

Tip: Visit in October

Disney Tip: Visit in October by 2 Miss Mouses

Guess who just got their tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party? We’ve never been to the party before, but this year we just couldn’t resist the chance to dress up and eat all the Halloween candy in the park. Plus, we hear that Disney villains will be roaming around, which will make the costumes we’re planning even more spook-tacular (see what we did there?) We’ve always said that October is a great time to visit the park. The crowds can be a little crazy, but the pumpkins on Main Street rock our socks.  Seriously, we cannot wait! Have any of you been to Mickey’s Halloween Party before? We 2 Miss Mouses are dying to know more…moowahahahaha (evil laughter).




Park Talk: Storybook Land Canal Boats

Your favorite Disneyland attraction says a lot about you as a person. We tend to find that thrill seekers gravitate towards Indiana Jones, children at heart love Dumbo, and conspiracy theorists adore Tower of Terror. So, the fact that we absolutely adore Storybook Land Canal Boats probably means that we secretly long to be 3 inches tall.

Storybook Land Canal Boats by 2 Miss Mouses

Why do we love this attraction? Let us count the ways. First, you get swallowed by a giant whale.

Monstro in Storybook Land by 2 Miss Mouses

Then, miraculously he sneezes and blows his own tail off. WHAT?! WE DID NOT SEE THIS COMING! This ride is full of surprises.

Storybook Land Canal Boats by 2 Miss Mouses

The joke that giant ducks have invaded London never gets old!

Ducks invade London by 2 Miss Mouses

Peter Pan in Storybook Land Canal by 2 Miss MousesYou get to see the world, a whole new world 🙂

Agrabah at Storybook Land Canal by 2 Miss Mouses

Not only does the ride highlight the Disney movies we love, it also references lesser known classics such as The Old Mill and the giant patchwork quilt from Silly Symphonies Lullaby Land.

Storybook Land by 2 Miss Mouses
Alice's Village in Storybook by 2 Miss Mouses

We’ve mentioned this before, but we love how the alps line up with the Matterhorn.

View of Matterhorn from Storybook Land Canal Boats by 2 Miss Mouses

We want to move into Ariel and Eric’s castle…we just need to shrink ourselves a few feet.

Eric's Castle @ Storybook Land Canal Ride by 2 Miss Mouses

Also, did you know that this ride is one of the parks original attractions and people rode it on opening day? So, next time you’re at the park, be sure to take a ride on the good ol’ Storybook Land Canal Ride. It’s a classic, pure and simple.

Storybook Land Canal Boats by 2 Miss Mouses

DCA: Goofy’s Sky School

So, on our May 2013 Trip we walked by the newly redesigned “Goofy’s Sky School.” Before the DCA overhaul it was known as “Mulholland Madness.”

Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses

Since it’s pretty much the only ride we’ve never ridden, we decided that we should give it a go.
Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses

How can we put this gently…this ride SUCKS!

Goofy's Sky School of Terror by 2 Miss Mouses

If you’d like to lose a kidney or want to question your sanity, ride this ride! If you think taking up residence inside a sadomasochistic pinball machine sounds delightful, ride this ride! If you secretly dream of riding within the belly of a large rodent who has been given meth, ride this ride! Don’t believe us. Check out Hayley’s before & after shots.

Before Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses


After Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses


In conclusion, DO NOT RIDE THIS RIDE…unless you want to. Now that we’ve got that covered, we’re curious. Are there any rides at the park that you refuse to go on? Do they rhyme with Moofy’s My Mool?

Park Talk: Iron Man Tech Expo

We still haven’t gotten a chance to see Iron Man 3, but we did get to check out the Iron Man Tech Exhibit at Innoventions during our May trip! In the “Hall of Armor” we saw Iron Man suits Mark I-VII. Yeah, it kind of rocked and made us a little jealous of Tony Stark. Make sure and visit before September (that’s when it’s currently scheduled to close).

Stark Industries Presents by 2 Miss Mouses

From old…


to newer…

Iron Man Tech Expo @ Innoventions by 2 Miss Mouses

to newest!

Iron Man Tech Expo @ Innoventions by 2 Miss Mouses

Vintage Disney: It IS a Small World After All…

Did you know that when It’s a Small World opened at Disneyland on May 28th,1966, Walt Disney invited children from all over the world to be present? Each of the children he invited brought a small container of water from their country. Before the ride opened, the children poured the water into the attraction’s flume. Which goes to show, it is a small world after all.

It's a Small World Opening Day via 2 Miss Mouses