We All Want to “Let it Go”

OK- we are so tardy to the party on this it’s ridiculous, but can we talk about Frozen? Cause we’re more than a little bit in love with this movie. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s about two sisters, or maybe it’s the fact that it features a singing snowman, but this movie struck a cord right from the very first time we saw it. Yes, we ended up seeing the 2-D, 3-D, and yes, even the sing-a-long version! And we’re not alone in our obsession- the movie just entered the billion dollar club. WOW. We’ve also been following all the “Let It Go” renditions that have been hitting the web. Here’s a few of our favorites.

It’s kind of embarrassing when you realize that a baby can sing “Let it Go” better than you can. But, little Ella knows what she’s doing. “LET IT DOE!”

This next version by Brian Hull is a delight. He sings the song while impersonating our favorite Disney characters- (Winnie the Pooh for the win!)

Our friend Amber was the first to share this cover with us. Alex Boye’s voice is stunning and aren’t we all looking for an excuse to dress up as Olaf?

Can we be honest? We actually prefer this version to the one Idina Menzel (we mean Adele Dazeem) sang at the Oscars. There’s just something about a triangle.

While we’re at it, how about the version that started it all.

Around the Web: “The 16 Funniest YouTube Comments on Disney Movie Clips”

This article from Buzzfeed: “The 16 Funniest YouTube Comments on Disney Movie Clips” gave us one of the best Disney-related laughs that we’ve had in awhile (yes, we have Disney-related laughs more often than you’d think). Heads up, the article has some swearing in it, but we find it beeping hysterical. Here’s a sampling of our favorites and might we add, they make some excellent points.

enhanced-buzz-24653-1377529257-4 enhanced-buzz-15602-1377529216-9 enhanced-buzz-10048-1377529804-8

Around the Web: Saving Mr. Banks Trailer

“Winds in the east, mist coming in.” Is anybody else as excited as we are over this Saving Mr. Banks trailer? Because it is seriously combining all of our favorite things in one place: Tom Hanks, check; Emma Thompson, check; Disneyland, check, check. Not only does it follow the development process behind one of our favorite movies, Mary Poppins, but it involves a trip to Disneyland with Walt himself. Plus, parts of the movie were actually filmed at the park! It’s coming out in December. Um, is it Christmas yet?

Around the Web: Historical Disney Princesses

We would be remiss if we didn’t share what we found on the yahoo news feed yesterday because it is just too frickin’ cool for school. Artist Claire Hummel loves both Disney films and fashion. In particular, she has become fascinated by the idea of what Disney princesses would have worn if they had been styled according to the era in which their stories were set. She has drawn numerous Disney princesses (and villains) in the last couple of years & quite frankly, we are huge fans of her work.


I’m Wishing by shoomlah

And a Bit Alarming by shoomlah

And a Bit Alarming by shoomlah

Nothing to it, Really by shoomlah

Nothing to it, Really by shoomlah

There's Something About Her by shoomlah

There’s Something About Her by shoomlah

And of course, our personal favorite, Maid Marian…


Golly What a Day by shoomlah

Aren’t these all fantastic? For more info, be sure to check out the yahoo article here and take a peak at all of Claire’s work at deviantart.com.

Vintage Disney: Prom Night, 1961

Picture it: Disneyland, 1961, prom night. This next post combines so much vintage fabulousness that we can hardly contain ourselves. We spotted several of these shots at one of our favorite fashion blogs The Clothes Horse and we just couldn’t resist sharing them with you. In 1961, LIFE magazine followed one incredibly lucky graduating class as they spent their prom night at Disneyland. Photographer Ralph Crane captured these stunning images. Which just goes to show, the hairstyles may change, but Disneyland never goes out of style.

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneSwoon!

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneTeenagers will always be teenagers

Riding in the Monkey Cage on Casey Jr. photo by Ralph CraneThis couple is just plain fabulous

Disneyland Prom 1961 photo by Ralph CraneThe teacups in their original location-

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneDancing by the Rivers of America

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneWe don’t know about you, but somebody get us a time machine!

1961 Prom Night at Disneyland photo by Ralph CraneIf you’d like to view more images from this magical evening (and seriously, why wouldn’t you?) just check out this Buzz Feed article with the full spread of photos.