Fall Comes to Disneyland

Here’s one of our favorite shots from our most recent trip to Disneyland. We love Main Street during the autumn- all those jack o’lanterns & pumpkin muffins, hello! In fact, we think the fall might just be one of the best times to visit. Because we were just at the park we won’t get to celebrate Mickey’s Halloween Party. But next year, it is on! Happy first day of fall everyone!

Halloween Time at Disneyland!

Dapper Day & Bachelorette Trip Report (Day 3)

Hope you’ve been enjoying our Dapper Day & Bachelorette Trip Reports (Day 1 and Day 2) because we’ve got one more day of retro bridal fun for you! Our final day required an insanely early start for a 7 am Magic Morning at Disney California Adventure! Here’s our adorable couple in line for Radiator Springs Racers- Sorry girls, he’s taken.


          After our ride on Radiator Springs, we ran over to California Screamin’ and Midway Mania. The lines were so short we were able to Midway twice in a row (there’s a first time for everything).


Waiting in DCABride & Bridesmaid at Disneyland

Laura takes a ride on Silly Symphony Swings. It had really started to heat up on Sunday and we’re not going to lie, the swings were the perfect place for some impromptu air conditioning.

Riding Silly Symphony Swings

Time for breakfast at Flo’s V8. This restaurant may not Mickey Mouse pancakes, but it has delicious views. We sat by the full windows that looked out on Ornament Valley.

Breakfast at V8's

Eating at Flo's V8

There’s always time for pictures on the way to a Bug’s Land.

Picture Taking at Disneyland

True confession: we LOVE Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. “Mama says carrots are good for my eyes. But I don’t want to put carrots in my eyes!” Classic.

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

If only, they really made cupcakes in this size.

Giant Cupcake Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Hayley was Disneybounding as Jane today 🙂

Jane Tarzan Disneybounding

A few of us brave souls decided to brave Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and then we began our journey over to Disneyland.

Hyperion Theatre

Even though it was a 102 degrees by this point, we had to make sure and go on Alice in Wonderland and Storybook Land Canal. We were blown away by the changes they’ve made to Alice. It’s always been one of our favorites and now it’s even more impressive. Thank goodness for those fans we purchased at the Dapper Day Expo.

Dapper Day at Disneyland

So there it is! Our Dapper Day & Bachelorette Trip Report (Day 3). We had such a magical time and we can’t wait to celebrate some more when James & Angela get married next month!

Bride & Bridesmaids on Buena Vista

Dapper Day & Bachelorette Trip Report (Day 2)

Time for day 2 of our very special Dapper Day Bachelorette Trip! One of the greatest bonuses of staying at the Grand Californian was getting early morning access on every day of our trip. We were visiting during a heat wave, so this definitely came in handy. Another day, another costume change. Here’s Hayley as a retro Rapunzel.

Disneybound Rapunzel

Our first stop was Fantasyland for Peter Pan and some teacups 🙂

Dapper Day at the Teacups

Laura in a Teacup

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We grabbed breakfast at Riverbelle Terrace (yay for the Steamboat!) and then went on the Haunted Mansion (which had just been given it’s Nightmare Before Christmas overlay) and headed back for some Astro Blasters action and Space Mountain.

Astro Blasters

Us ladies went off on our own, while the boys went to check out DCA. We did a bit of shopping.


We really wanted to make this a special trip for Angela, so we decided to have a ladies only luncheon at the Carthay Circle (one of our favorite restaurants). Here is our beautiful bride checking out the menu.

Dining at Carthay

The gentleman who helped us to our table made sure to point out a very interesting detail on the table’s surface. That Evil Queen sure can get around.

Evil Queen at Carthay

Our experience was lovely from start to finish. Thanks so much to our server Jenn for making our visit so memorable!

Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Carthay

If you come to the parks during a Dapper Day weekend, you must check out the Expo at the Grand Californian. It was vintage heaven. Next time we are absolutely going to get our portraits drawn.

Dapper Day Sketch Studio

After a short rest, we found the boys and made our way back to the park

Dapper Day

Even though we were still stuffed from Carthay, we had to get some fried chicken at the Plaza Inn. It’s a positive must!

Fried Chicken at Plaza Inn

We had to watch Fantasmic! and then some of us decided to attend “The Royal Swing Big Band Ball.” Look at this cutie pie who wanted to get in on the dancing action. Did you ever? What a doll!

Swing Dancing at Disneyland

We basically closed down Fantasyland- Pinocchio, Carousel, and our personal favorite Casey Jr. Look who got the caboose.

Riding Casey Jr.

There’s our second day trip report- cabooses, Carthay, teacups and all.  Day 3 is right around the corner… we think we can, we think we can…

Dapper Day Bachelorette Trip Report (Day 1)

Hi everyone! We just got back from an incredible Disneyland weekend and we can’t wait to share our highlights with you. One of our best friends and fellow Disney lover Angela is getting married in a month to our cousin James (another friend and Disney lover)- there’s a lot of Disney love going around 🙂 So, when it came time to plan their bachelor(ette) weekend, we knew there was only one place to go- Canada- just kidding- Disneyland! Because Angela is a big vintage clothing fan, we planned the weekend to coincide with Dapper Day, which ended up being the best choice ever! We left on Friday morning at the crack of dawn- here we are, bridesmaids and bride, rising with the sun. Angela made our ears herself. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Disneyland Bachelorette

Once we made it to Anaheim (after a quick In N’ Out run- it’s the bride’s favorite), we got fully dapper-ed. We stayed at the Grand Californian- it was the first time for many of us (bride & groom included).

Dapper in Grand Californian

We spent some time goofing around in the lobby. Turns out, Ian is a master photo bomber.

Grand Californian Goofing

And then we jauntily hoofed it over to the park!

Off to Dapper Day

And grabbed one of the fabulous photo pass photographers to take this shot of us all together

Main Street Dapper Day

It was delightful walking along Main Street & seeing all the different dapper outfits.

Dapper Snow White


Of course, we grabbed snacks and sandwiches at Jolly Holiday.


And then hopped a boat for a Jungle Cruise. Watch out for that net retro Ariel!

Retro Ariel

And make sure to keep your party together!

Please Keep Your Group Together

Waiting for Jungle Cruise

Next up was Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It’s full of so many perils!


Caution Don't Pull Rope

Next up were Pirates of the Caribbean & of course Thunder Mountain Railroad. After that, we took a relaxing ride on the train and found ourselves in glorious Toon Town. An extremely nice gentleman offered to take this picture of us. Look at all those toons…

Dapper Day in Toon Town

And then some more monkeying around before nap/swim time back at the hotel.

Toon Town Hyjinks

Singing in the Toon Town

Love this shot of our extremely dapper bride & groom on the way to city hall.

Bride & Groom at Toon Town City Hall

After recuperating at the hotel, we headed back to the park for a quick dinner at Rancho del Zocalo (we tried for Plaza, but it was packed) and then we caught Remember, Dreams Come True! We also made a quick run through Star Tours and Snow White’s Scary Adventures. But, what really stood out was the incredible atmosphere created by Dapper Day. We were blown away by the creativity, imagination, and glamour all about us. We can’t wait to share our Day 2 report very soon 🙂

Disneybound Retro Snow White

Miss Mouse Throwback Thursdays

It’s Throwback Thursday at 2 Miss Mouses and you know what that means- embarrassing Disney moments from our past. We blame this shot on the 80’s, the 1880’s that is. Our dad says we took it somewhere on Main Street and they told us not to smile, but apparently no one told baby Hayley.


Our Disney Bucket List

Disney Bucket List by 2 Miss Mouses

Happy Anniversary from 2 Miss Mouses! It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over a year since we shared our first post with you. 3 Disneyland trips and countless churros later, we’re still 2 Miss Mouses who love all things Disney. To celebrate, we’d like to present our “Disney Bucket List.” Some of these goals may be wildly improbable (hello #5 and #30), but you know what they say about wishing on a star…

  1. Visit all the Disney parks (Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, Hong Kong Disney, and eventually Shanghai Disney)
  2. Dine at Club 33
  3. Attend an all-night event and watch the sunrise over the Matterhorn
  4. Be a part of someone’s first trip to Disneyland
  5. Be the voice of a Disney character
  6. Spend a full day at Disneyland (counting down to opening until being ushered out at the end of the day)
  7. Celebrate every major holiday at Disneyland
  8. Be in a parade
  9. Travel the underground tunnels
  10. Tour Walt’s apartment
  11. Stay at the Grand Californian
  12. Be the first riders on Peter Pan
  13. Be mistaken for a Disney princess
  14. Compete in the Gumball Rally
  15. Become a skipper on the Jungle Cruise
  16. Eat at every restaurant in the park
  17. Host a bachelorette party
  18. Be chased by a Disney swan
  19. Attend and participate in “The Royal Swing Big Band Ball”
  20. Celebrate our birthdays at the park
  21. Attend Dapper Days
  22. Watch the fireworks from directly in front of the castle
  23. Get a silhouette or caricature drawn
  24. Go on every ride in one day
  25. Meet Peter Pan
  26. Be someone’s fairy godmother
  27. Have a family reunion at Disneyland
  28. Attend a Disney movie premier
  29. Receive prime seating on Soaring Over California (WE NEVER GET IT!)
  30. Play basketball in the Matterhorn
  31. Plot and execute a ‘genius’ photo moment on Splash Mountain
  32. Attend a character breakfast
  33. Be involved in a moment of spontaneous song and merriment within the park
  34. Dress up like Minnie Mouse
  35. Find all the hidden Mickeys
  36. Make a wish at the wishing well and have it come true
  37. Work at Disneyland in any capacity
  38. Discover the recipe for Matterhorn macaroons
  39. Go on a Disney cruise
  40. Ride the Haunted Mansion alone
  41. Be safely evacuated from a ride
  42. Spin on the fastest tea cup
  43. Spend a night in Disney’s Dream Suite
  44. Be the singer for the song that plays after a Disney fireworks spectacular (this one is just for Hayley :))
  45. Have our picture taken with every princess in the park
  46. Have our hair done at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique (age requirements be darned!)
  47. Dance the night away at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at DCA
  48. Purchase an animation cel from the Disney Gallery
  49. Get serenaded by the Dapper Dans
  50. Buy a tiara on Main Street

Is there anything we missed? What’s on your Disney Bucket List?

Trip Report: April 2014

Disneyland Spring by 2 Miss Mouses

Hey Friends! We just got back from a very unique Disneyland trip that almost didn’t happen at all. About 5 weeks before our planned Disney adventure, I slipped on some good ol’ fashioned Chicago ice, and broke my right arm. Literally, the first thought I had after the doctor told me I had a fracture was “Ow” and “What about Disneyland?” My doctor cleared me to go, with the understanding that I couldn’t go on any roller coaster-esque rides (see you next time Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). This was our first time going to the park with any kind of serious injury, but it ended up making for a slightly more slow-paced, but also more relaxing trip. Time to get our ears on.

After a leisurely drive down the 101 (with a stop in Santa Barbara for some killer burritos- everyone check out Los Agaves!), we finally made it to the park around 4 pm. On our last few visits, we’ve made it a point to try out new restaurants (Big Thunder Mountain Ranch). Often, we get stuck in a bit of culinary rut (hey, who wouldn’t want to eat Plaza fried chicken everyday?). We strolled down Main Street and made a stop at the Carnation Café to see if we could make some last minute reservations. The wait was about 20 minutes, which actually worked out perfectly because the parade was going on right outside.


We hadn’t been to The Carnation Café since it recently reopened. The menu features a wonderful blend of down home cooking and fresh takes on old favorites. Hayley ordered the vegan burger and she was extremely pleased. According to her, it was the best veggie burger she’s ever had. Mom and I split the chicken fried chicken. It was delicious. For a Friday evening, the crowd level was really reasonable. We walked right onto Haunted Mansion & Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Haunted Mansion Reservations by 2 Miss Mouses

We always follow this rule: WATCH FIREWORKS ON YOUR FIRST NIGHT! We’ve learned from past experience that if you get the chance to watch the fireworks, do. There are never any guarantees with wind and fire danger in southern California.  We got the perfect spot right in front of the castle and finished our day with “Remember…Dreams Come True.”

Remember…Dreams Come True Fireworks by 2 Miss Mouses

The next morning, we opted to sleep in a bit and then went over to DCA for some Midway Mania (yes, you do not get a very high score when you have to play one-handed) and then stopped by Animator’s Academy (yes, you do not draw as well with your left hand when you usually draw with your right).

Ready for Midway Mania by 2 Miss Mouses

Jack Skellington by 2 Miss Mouses

A quick stop at Monster’s Inc. and then Soaring Over California.

Monsters Inc by 2 Miss Mouses

All that drawing and flying made us pretty hungry. Time for Cafe Orleans and a prime seat next to the Rivers of America. Tip: GET THE GARLIC FRIES!

Garlic Fries at Cafe Orleans by 2 Miss Mouses

And the ragout (a great vegetarian option)!

Ragout at Cafe Orleans by 2 Miss Mouses

Mom treated us to two minnie pins. How sweet is that? Mine’s the old-fashioned pinkie and Hayley of course is sequined Minnie 🙂

2 Minnies by 2 Miss Mouses

Mom and Hayley went on BTMRR. They said that it’s a much smoother ride and they loved the new padding in the seats.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad by 2 Miss Mouses

Then a stop by The Big Thunder Mountain Ranch to pet some goats and see some bunnies (the large kind that give you their autographs).

Spring Time Big Thunder Ranch by 2 Miss Mouses

Disney Cabin Life by 2 Miss Mouses

After Pirates, Pinocchio, and Tea Cups (oh, my!), we took a leisurely walk down Main Street. It is so beautiful in the spring.

Disneyland Balloons by 2 Miss Mouses

Spring on Main Street by 2 Miss Mouses

After a ride on the “nap ride” back at the hotel, we returned to Disneyland for an evening of Rancho del Zocalo, a tour of Tomorrowland, and of course, Fantasmic! Oh and somebody got her highest score ever at Astro Blasters.

Astro Blasters by 2 Miss Mouses

The next morning, bright and early, we headed over to DCA. We thought by getting to the park early, we had a good shot at a shorter wait for Radiator Spring Racers…nope. We hate to complain, but what is with all the line cutters?! It seemed like each person in front of us was saving a spot for their 20 closest friends. But, on the positive side, we made friends with the coolest middle-schooler ever. Emily was spending the day with her dad and we got to talking about favorite and least favorite rides. We all agreed that the Matterhorn, while thrilling, hurts like heck! Post Racers, we all went on Midway Mania together. Yay, Emily!

Making Friends at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

Radiator Spring Racers by 2 Miss Mouses

Before heading home, we made one quick stop by Main Street to acquire some souvenirs and we got to see Mickey and Minnie dancing with the Main Street Band. Can we just say, Minnie does a mean Charleston.

Dancing Minnie by 2 Miss Mouses