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This blog is your blog. It is dedicated to the hope, creativity, and magic that have shaped Disneyland. Here we hope to relive the past and celebrate the future. From favorite sights to cherished memories, it is our hope that this blog will be a source of joy and that it will provide free-admission to a “Disney-inspired” life.

-2 Miss Mouses-

(2 sisters: Maren & Hayley)


  1. Hi there! I am wondering if you could email me and tell me where you got your super cute Fairy Hats from Sleeping Beauty that you wore at Halloween! My friends and I are running in the 10K and want to dress as the fairies and those hats would be perfect!! Thanks so much!


    1. Hi there, so glad you liked the hats. Well…..it was a bit of a process. First we bought 3 mini witch hats on headbands. After removing the black spider webs and the black ribbons we coated each in 3 or 4 coats of all-purpose white spray primer.
      Then each one got 5 o 6 coats of spray paint that matched the final color. The trick is to spray until it’s completely saturated and then let it completely dry between coats (and don’t forget the underside, but tape up the headband part so it stays black). Then it takes 2 or 3 coats of craft paint in the final color.
      Finally (yup, it all takes a while) cut a strip of contrasting felt and stretch it around the base of the hat and secure with hot glue. Hope that wasn’t too crazy of an explanation. Good luck!

  2. That’s so funny, I was going to ask about the fairy hats as well. I’m so surprised Disney doesn’t sell anything like them. Thanks!

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