We’re Back!



It’s been awhile. Ok, it’s been two years and two months, but who’s counting?

A lot has changed. One of us married a wonderful man- his name is Marcos. One of us got an incredible puppy- his name is Charlie. But, we’re not the only ones who have been going through major changes. Yes, Disneyland is opening an entirely new land, a new hotel is being built, and the merchandise never ceases. Some of our old friends are gone- the goats at Big Thunder Ranch, the barbeque, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies- you will be missed. We still mourn the loss of Tower of Terror. There have been facelifts, some good (Primeval World) and some not so good (Soarin’ Over the World). Old friends have returned like Fantasmic and the railroad, while New friends have arrived-Marvel and Star Wars have shown up in the park big time. But one thing stays the same, the wasteland that is Tomorrowland and the critical love we hold for all things Disney.

We’ve missed you all, so we’re back to work. But, first churros!

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