Dapper Day Bachelorette Trip Report (Day 1)

Hi everyone! We just got back from an incredible Disneyland weekend and we can’t wait to share our highlights with you. One of our best friends and fellow Disney lover Angela is getting married in a month to our cousin James (another friend and Disney lover)- there’s a lot of Disney love going around 🙂 So, when it came time to plan their bachelor(ette) weekend, we knew there was only one place to go- Canada- just kidding- Disneyland! Because Angela is a big vintage clothing fan, we planned the weekend to coincide with Dapper Day, which ended up being the best choice ever! We left on Friday morning at the crack of dawn- here we are, bridesmaids and bride, rising with the sun. Angela made our ears herself. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Disneyland Bachelorette

Once we made it to Anaheim (after a quick In N’ Out run- it’s the bride’s favorite), we got fully dapper-ed. We stayed at the Grand Californian- it was the first time for many of us (bride & groom included).

Dapper in Grand Californian

We spent some time goofing around in the lobby. Turns out, Ian is a master photo bomber.

Grand Californian Goofing

And then we jauntily hoofed it over to the park!

Off to Dapper Day

And grabbed one of the fabulous photo pass photographers to take this shot of us all together

Main Street Dapper Day

It was delightful walking along Main Street & seeing all the different dapper outfits.

Dapper Snow White


Of course, we grabbed snacks and sandwiches at Jolly Holiday.


And then hopped a boat for a Jungle Cruise. Watch out for that net retro Ariel!

Retro Ariel

And make sure to keep your party together!

Please Keep Your Group Together

Waiting for Jungle Cruise

Next up was Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It’s full of so many perils!


Caution Don't Pull Rope

Next up were Pirates of the Caribbean & of course Thunder Mountain Railroad. After that, we took a relaxing ride on the train and found ourselves in glorious Toon Town. An extremely nice gentleman offered to take this picture of us. Look at all those toons…

Dapper Day in Toon Town

And then some more monkeying around before nap/swim time back at the hotel.

Toon Town Hyjinks

Singing in the Toon Town

Love this shot of our extremely dapper bride & groom on the way to city hall.

Bride & Groom at Toon Town City Hall

After recuperating at the hotel, we headed back to the park for a quick dinner at Rancho del Zocalo (we tried for Plaza, but it was packed) and then we caught Remember, Dreams Come True! We also made a quick run through Star Tours and Snow White’s Scary Adventures. But, what really stood out was the incredible atmosphere created by Dapper Day. We were blown away by the creativity, imagination, and glamour all about us. We can’t wait to share our Day 2 report very soon 🙂

Disneybound Retro Snow White


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