Our Trip to Mickey’s Halloween Party

Mickey's Halloween Party by 2 Miss Mouses

We just flew in from Mickey’s Halloween Party and boy are our wings tired. We can’t wait to share all our tips and insights with you, so let’s get started! First off, a ticket to the party gives you access to Disneyland starting at 3 pm (even though our party didn’t officially start until 6 pm). This is actually a pretty great deal considering the cost of a party ticket is way cheaper than a day pass. Plus, you get free parking (which we didn’t use…but still, you get free parking). When you enter the gates, you present your ticket and get handed a nifty wristband and a bag for trick-or-treating. When the party begins, those without wristbands are politely asked to get out! Just kidding, but they are politely and slowly shuffled towards the exits.

Special Event at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

We didn’t enter the park till after 5 pm, but if we were to do it again, we would make sure and get in the gates earlier. Tip: several of our favorite restaurants (Rancho del  Zocalo, we are looking at you) were shut down during the party, while some others were closed temporarily while the party was getting started. Our advice is to eat before the party because you definitely want to maximize your time doing party events, rather than standing in  long lines for food. Also, act like this ninja and make sure to get a guide to the night’s events. It tells you trick-or-treat locations, which restaurants have halloween themed treats etc.

Ninja at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

What we were immediately struck by was the insanely exciting atmosphere filling the park. Seriously, we could have just sat on Main Street and watched all the costumes go by (yay for the Haunted Mansion tight rope walker & her alligator). When we initially starting thinking about our costumes, we knew we wanted to do something that all 3 of us could be a part of and then it hit us: THE THREE GOOD FAIRIES!

3 Good Fairies Costumes by 2 Miss Mouses

 And  look who we ran into! We saw tons of Malificents, but this one killed it (in a good way)!

Fairies & Malificent at Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

One of the side benefits of going to the party is that the lines for many of the rides are shorter (except for Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion- those lines were insane). We walked onto Indiana Jones.

3 Fairies on Indiana Jones by 2 Miss Mouses

Time to find a place for our hats during the bumpy ride.


Then we did some trick-or-treating. There are stations set up throughout the park, but the lines can get a little long. We aimed for the ones down by the Rivers of America (probably a mistake- these were super slow) and the ones set up inside Rancho del Zocalo (where we hit the mother lode). We were just in time for the Halloween Calvacade (shortened parade) down Main Street.

Mickey's Halloween Party Calvacade by 2 Miss Mouses

It was cute, but what really stole the show were the fireworks. WOW! The MC is Jack Skellington along with other Disney villains. We stood behind the main hub, but we’d recommend getting between the hub and the castle, or if farther back err on the side of  Tomorrowland in order to see the projections that are happening above the left hand side of the castle.

Halloween Fireworks @ Disneyland by 2 Miss Mouses

After the fireworks, we went on a few more rides, including Star Tours (it only had a 10 minute wait).


Then we wandered around the park just soaking up the spooky atmosphere. The park is full of fog, and spooky sounds, and projections of spider webs…oooh creepy castle…

Spooky Sleeping Beauty's Castle by 2 Miss Mouses

Ooooh creepy Mark Twain….

Rivers of America at Halloween by 2 Miss Mouses

Tip: make sure and check out the “Cadaver Dans” on the Rivers of America. They are the coolest and creepiest quartet we’ve ever heard and throughout the evening, they serenaded the guests with chilling renditions of some of our favorite songs.

The Cadaver Dans by 2 Miss Mouses

As the evening started to wind down, we made our way to Fantasyland and were treated to a solo (or should we say triple) ride on Casey Junior. We were the only people on the entire train and when it came to a stop about 3/4 of the way through our conductor said, “Please stay in your sits, ladies.” It was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

3 Fairies on Casey Jr. by 2 Miss Mouses

Happy Halloween everybody!


  1. Hi Miss Mouse… I’m heading down to Disney with my family this October. We are going to participate in the Micky’s Not-so-scary Halloween Party. I’m wanting to do the 3 fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty and love your hats and spin on the costumes. Where can I find those hats? Thanks!

    1. Hi Liz! You are going to love Mickey’s Party and we’re so glad you like the costumes. Hayley (one of the 2 miss mouses) actually made them herself. They were originally black mini witch hats from Target. Hayley painted them with acrylic craft paint and put a strip of felt around them with hot glue. Heads up, they really soak in the paint, so try using primer and doing a lot of coats. Let us know how they turn out 🙂

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