Makin’ Memories: Laura & Billy Hill

2 Miss Mouses wants to share some of our favorite Disney memories with you and we hope you’ll do the same. For our inaugural “Makin’ Memories” post, we knew the perfect photo to share with you.

Our cousin Laura has always been our family’s littlest/youngest mouse. We were with her when she made her first trip to Disneyland. She was so little that she when she got tired, our dad carried her on his shoulders. Over the years, we have treasured the chances we’ve had to visit the park with Laura. When Laura was about 10 years old, we went to see “Billy Hill and the Hillbillies” at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Frontierland. For those of you who have seen the show, you know that sometimes Billy will choose an audience member to come up on stage and “perform” with the Hillbillies. Long story short, Laura got chosen. We were all nervous for her (after all she was just a little kid), but she hopped up on stage and was her normal, brilliant, sassy & fun self. Billy handed her a small plastic violin and when he tried to show her how to play she said, “I’ve got this!” The audience howled. She committed so strongly to playing that little violin, all the Hillbillies were cracking up. When they told her it was time for the “Big Finish,” she didn’t hesitate and jumped up in the air with them and did a perfect freeze frame.

Billy Hill & the Hillbillies by 2 Miss Mouses

The next day, we were entering the park when a little boy saw Laura and told his mom, “Mom, it’s the girl from the Billy Hill show! Wow!” Laura, not missing a beat, turned to the little boy (not much younger than she was) and said, with a big smile, “No autographs, please!”

Aside from a few inches, not much has changed over the years. Laura is still brilliant, sassy & fun. Right now, she’s actually en route to her freshman year of college. We can’t believe how time flies, but we now that no matter where she is or how old she gets, she’ll always be that fearless girl with the violin. We love ya, Lo. Knock ’em dead, little miss mouse!

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