Tip: Watch Your Feet!


Here’s a top tip from our May 2013 trip: bring comfortable shoes! Sore feet can ruin even the most magical of Disneyland days, so don’t make the mistake of putting style over function. Learn a lesson from Hayley (in the picture above you can see her post “foot meltdown”), pick footwear that you’ve worn on walking intense trips in the past. Just because you wear those shoes everyday at home doesn’t mean they’ll work on this kind of

Remember  to pick something with plenty of padding and don’t forget- hot weather may cause your feet to swell. If you do need to purchase a pair of shoes while in the park, head over to Adventureland & the store South Seas Trader. They have the best selection of uber comfortable (and semi-affordable) flip flops. If sneakers and Disney slip-ons are more your style, go straight to the clothing shops on Main Street USA.

Around the Web: Historical Disney Princesses

We would be remiss if we didn’t share what we found on the yahoo news feed yesterday because it is just too frickin’ cool for school. Artist Claire Hummel loves both Disney films and fashion. In particular, she has become fascinated by the idea of what Disney princesses would have worn if they had been styled according to the era in which their stories were set. She has drawn numerous Disney princesses (and villains) in the last couple of years & quite frankly, we are huge fans of her work.


I’m Wishing by shoomlah

And a Bit Alarming by shoomlah

And a Bit Alarming by shoomlah

Nothing to it, Really by shoomlah

Nothing to it, Really by shoomlah

There's Something About Her by shoomlah

There’s Something About Her by shoomlah

And of course, our personal favorite, Maid Marian…


Golly What a Day by shoomlah

Aren’t these all fantastic? For more info, be sure to check out the yahoo article here and take a peak at all of Claire’s work at deviantart.com.