Park Talk: Churro Bites

Let's Get Cozy Cones by 2 Miss Mouses

We’ve said it before (May Trip Post) and we’ll say it again- the best snack in all of Disney California Adventure is to be found inside a giant orange cone.

Churro Cozy Cone by 2 Miss Mouses

 That’s right. Cozy Cones inside Cars Land is serving up the most delightful “Churro Bites.” We know what you’re thinking, you’ve had churros before, but NO! These are churros taken to the next level. They’re divided up into delicious bite size and might we add shareable pieces.

Churro Bites @ DCA by 2 Miss Mouses

They come piping hot inside…you guessed it, orange cones.

Cozy Cones Churro Bites by 2 Miss Mouses

Did we mention they come with a cinnamon chocolate sauce?

Churro Bites by 2 Miss Mouses

Next time you’re visiting Radiator Springs, make sure to make a pit stop by Cozy Cones. You’ll be glad you did.


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