DCA: Goofy’s Sky School

So, on our May 2013 Trip we walked by the newly redesigned “Goofy’s Sky School.” Before the DCA overhaul it was known as “Mulholland Madness.”

Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses

Since it’s pretty much the only ride we’ve never ridden, we decided that we should give it a go.
Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses

How can we put this gently…this ride SUCKS!

Goofy's Sky School of Terror by 2 Miss Mouses

If you’d like to lose a kidney or want to question your sanity, ride this ride! If you think taking up residence inside a sadomasochistic pinball machine sounds delightful, ride this ride! If you secretly dream of riding within the belly of a large rodent who has been given meth, ride this ride! Don’t believe us. Check out Hayley’s before & after shots.

Before Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses
After Goofy's Sky School by 2 Miss Mouses

In conclusion, DO NOT RIDE THIS RIDE…unless you want to. Now that we’ve got that covered, we’re curious. Are there any rides at the park that you refuse to go on? Do they rhyme with Moofy’s My Mool?


  1. Space Mountain makes me barf and then I fear it will hit me in my own face. Dark + jarring music + digestive assault?? No thanks. 🙂

  2. You wimps! That ride’s a DCA classic. Stef and I love that one! (Of course, this is coming from the girl who had to have her arm twisted before going on the Silly Symphony Swings of death.)

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