Park Talk: Swing Dancing is Back!

Hi Everyone! Great news! Saturday night swing dancing will be making a return to Disneyland this summer. We mentioned this in our May Trip Report, but when Carnation Plaza Gardens was closed down to make room for Fantasy Faire, the Saturday night swing dancing was moved out of the park. Park management promised to bring the dancing back once Fantasy Faire opened, but then they delayed its return. For many who have made this a weekly tradition (seriously, there are couples who have come every Saturday for 50 years) this delay/cancellation meant major heart break. Luckily, the “Jump, Jive, Boogie Swing Dance Party” will be returning to the park on June 15th. So, if you’re in the park area on Saturdays in late June, grab your dancing shoes or just stop by and listen to the wonderful music in a beautiful new environment. For more on this and other upcoming events check out Inside the Magic (one of our favorite Disney sites).

Love this shot of Walt & his wife Lillian taking a spin on the ol’ Carnation dance floor
On a side note: we can’t tell you how happy we are that this tradition is returning. It really shows that the park management has taken the feelings of long-time Disney fans into consideration. Walt Disney always said that Disneyland would never be done growing, but we also know that he believed in traditions and good ol’ sentimentality. By blending the old with the new, Disneyland is proving why it’s simply the best.

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