Living In: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The important thing is to imagine all of this stuff with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs…

Living in Twilight Zone Tower of Terror by 2 Miss Mouses

Living In Tower of Terror

1. Provence III Area Rug: $559 http://www.homedecorator’

2. Antique Brass Call Bell; $5.99

3. Monumental Owl by Moigniez; starting at $169

4. Twilight Zone “To Serve Man Cookbook” Journal; $24.99

5. Iron & Mica Spanish Revival Pendant;

6. Leather Parsons Chair; $428

7. The Diplomat Series by Steamline Luggage; starting at $600

8. Crosley Companion Vintage Radio in Walnut; $49.99

9. Kettle Phone; $79

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2 sisters obsessed with all things Disney :)

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