Makin’ Memories: A Mother’s Day Disney Surprise

When our dad turned 40, my mom planned a huge surprise. After his birthday dinner, we hopped in the car and mom said, “Don’t you wish you we could go to Disneyland?” Of course, he said yes and then my mom said, “Let’s go!” She had the suitcases in the back of the car and the reservations all ready to go. It was an incredibly magical trip and ever since then we’ve dreamed of getting to surprise her someday and last night we finally did. We told her we had an early Mother’s Day gift for her- a slideshow of some of our favorite Disney pictures (you can view it below).

She was so surprised after the slideshow that she didn’t really put two and two together. It took a few minutes for us to explain that we’re treating her to an early Mother’s Day trip to Disneyland! We leave next Friday (we figured we should give her a little time to pack). It took all our sneaky skills to keep our plans under wraps, but it was so worth it to see the smile on our mom’s face.  We love you Mom! You taught us to love surprises, adventures, and all things Disney. We will always remember how lucky we are to have you as our mom 🙂


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